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In addition to our Neuroscience News website, our team decided that there was a need to create a non profit website to promote breaking news in clinical psychology, biological psychology and psychopharmacology. We feel there is a lack of websites dedicated to breaking news within these fields, so decided to create this resource to keep psychology professionals and clinical psychology students abreast of current discoveries in clinical psychology.

The Clinically Psyched team scour the news daily for relevant news which we believe is vital within clinical psychology. We only choose headlines related to clinical psychology and post the relevant links. Occasionally, the original link may not be available without registration, so we link the clinical psychology news article to a secondary source.

We actively encourage our clinical psychology news readers to submit clinical psychology articles, clinical psychology related breaking news, clinical psychology abstracts, psychology links and suggestions to help develop our website. As such, we frequently update Clinically Psyched, so be sure to check back with us often.

Clinically Psyched is especially interested in clinical psychology student submission and we intend to develop an area where psychology students can post papers they believe may be suitable for our readers. We do ask for all paper submissions to be accompanied by a reference page formatted in the standard BPS/APA style. If any articles are used in papers by our users, we strongly insist that both Clinically Psyched and the original author/source are referenced.

It is our hope that clinical psychology professionals, university psychology departments, clinical psychology students and anyone interested in the field of clinical psychology will find this a useful resource and assist in the development of this website.

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Psychology Calendar

Cognitio 2006 - Beyond the Brain: Embodied, Situated and Distributed Cognition
Aug 19 - 21, 2006
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

6th International Coference of Neuropsychiatry
Sept 10 - 14, 2006
Sydney, Australia

International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics
Sept 20 - 22, 2006
Paris, France

17th Annual Rotman Research Institute Conference: Advances in Memory Research
March 4 - 6, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Clinically Psyched encourages users to post their own articles relating to clinical psychology, abnormal psychology, neuroscience, biopsychology, psychopharmacology, neurotheology, psychiatry, psychological illnesses, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and other areas of psychological sciences appropriate to this resource. We insist that submissions are appropriate to this website's fields of interest. Those we deem not appropriate will not be included within our user article resource.

Clinically Psyched strongly insists that our users submit psychology articles which are correctly referenced with the format of referencing complying with British Psychological Society or American Psychological Association guidelines. All psychology related submissions must include a detailed reference page which cites original authors of sources used, original publication of sources, date of publication, location of publication and, where appropriate, page reference. Articles submitted without a reference section, or with an incorrect reference page, will not be submitted on this website.

Users wishing to use articles as references for their own work must cite article authors, our website name (Clinicallypsyched.com) and relevant references. Failure to do this is considered plagiarism and we at Clinically Psyched strongly oppose plagiarism.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the author to correctly name and cite all references when submitting articles for inclusion on this website. Clinically Psyched accepts no responsibility for plagiarized sources or references. If any author is found to be plagiarizing the work of another, articles will not be included in this resource, or removed from our website if posted prior to notification of plagiarism. We also will report any found or notified proven plagiarism of ideas, texts or research to the relevant authorities. As such, we will not accept submissions from non members of Clinically Psyched. Corticom© and ClinicallyPsyched.com© respect author's rights and will endeavor to promote only original and/or well referenced work. Findings of plagiarized work should be reported to us at plagiarism@clinicallypsyched.com.


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